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08 Oct 2012


Igor Krieg is a curious and open minded person. He lives in an urban area in Europe. Igor Krieg spent years to rediscover his passion for photography. This has been supported by the tremendous development in digital photography. After having learnt to take more care about light than taking care about camera equipment he feels prepared to share his work.

Igor Krieg´s key inspiration is the percipience of absorbing structures and colours in urban environments. Reduced to factual objectiveness he meets the challenge to add a spirit that makes his pictures suggestive in various ways. As an IT person by metiér he is delighted by the opportunities of post editing his images.

Igor Krieg also likes other people's photos.

Igor was happy to achieve some success in photography competitions and being published in magazines. His latest and most successful achievement, being shortlisted in the open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards, made him even happier.

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