Who Pays Photographers?

25th Mar 2013

Courtesy of Who Pays Photographers

It’s the question on everyone’s mind: who pays photographers, and how much? 

In response to the Tumblr blog Who Pays Writers, a new feed has emerged – Who Pays Photographers? In this space, photographers are encouraged to anonymously submit how much – or how little – photographers have been paid by magazines, newspapers, websites, NGOs and corporations. All avenues are represented, and conflicting reports are expected.

Anyone is granted easy access, and the feed is searchable by hashtag.

Current submissions on the site range from tips of knowing “Freelancing – or Working for Free?” to how much the Guardian Weekend Magazine (UK) will pay per mile travelled for a shoot (.45p). All queries are reviewed and several contrasting views are weighed by the blog’s editors.

What do you think of the platform? Is moving the payment conversation online an effective way of increasing communication between photographers or instead creating a platform to host inaccuracies and extreme scenarios?