The Sunday Times discourages journalists from sending in photographs from Syria

8th Feb 2013

The Sunday Times has told British war photographer Rick Findler not to submit his photographs and copy from the Syrian war zone, saying they “do not wish to encourage freelancers to take exceptional risks,” reports the Press Gazette

“We believe the dangers of operating there are too great,” the Sunday Times’ foreign desk reportedly told Findler.  

The British paper further says it is no longer commissioning any photographers to cover the country and is taking on the same approach for accepting freelance imagery. In February of last year, Sunday Times war photographer Marie Colvin was killed while on assignment.  Following Colvin’s death, the paper says it wishes to remain cautious when moving forward with conflict coverage. Western journalists are especially at risk in the region, and already this year, two journalists have been killed while others remain missing.

Asked to explain the Sunday Times’ decision, deputy foreign editor Graham Paterson said the situation is incredibly risky.  “We do not want to see any more bloodshed,” he said. “There has been far too much already.”