Food Photography: A Public Nuisance?

28th Jan 2013

Is the end of food photography near? For food bloggers and enthusiasts, the opportunities to document culinary delights may grow increasingly limited.

Helene Stapinski of the New York Times Dining & Wine reported last week of the growing frustration in restaurants worldwide towards those insistent on snapshotting their meals. Whether they be subtle camera phones or professional grade DSLRs fully equipped with external flashes – restaurants are asking their patrons to tuck the cameras away.

While food photography often offers restaurants free publicity and viral exposure, management and chefs tend to argue otherwise – pointing at public nuisance as the reasoning.

Following the New York Times piece, Esquire Magazine posted a column citing ten reasons why restaurants should – in fact – ban food photography. Among them: causing distraction to the patron and those surrounding, making the photographers look foolish, and quite frankly, poor photography.

So what do you think? Should restaurants continue to crack down on patrons taking photos, or should they instead see it as a benefit to their business?