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  • Collection photographer interview: Rhiannon Tully

    24th Jan 2014

    AUSTRALIA - Rhiannon Tully is an emerging Perth-based photographer whose work seeks to challenge perceptions of contemporary photography. She speaks with WPO about her rapid growth in global recognition, a pictorial exchange between Australia and Japan, and much more.

  • "Munchie's Story" by Clay Lomneth

    24th Jan 2014

    THE MAGAZINE: American photographer Clay Lomneth shares a story on autism by following the daily lives of four-year-old Michaelynn and her family.

  • Documenting Roma Communities: Interview with NYU Student Kieran Kesner

    22nd Jan 2014

    CZECH REPUBLIC: Amongst the Roma communities in Eastern Europe, NYU photography student Kieran Kesner identified something not typically associated with his subjects: Beauty.

  • Photo Life series: The Ethics of Baiting Wildlife

    21st Jan 2014
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    CANADA: What lengths would you go to to get the perfect photograph of an animal? Photo Life's Dale Wilson debates the ethics of photographers baiting wildlife.

  • Alejandro Chaskielberg, "Turkana"

    20th Jan 2014

    THE MAGAZINE: Argentinian photographer Alejandro Chaskielberg explores the limits between document and fiction, using exposures of 3-4 hours to photograph people and cultures on the margins of society.

  • United Photo Industries THE FENCE: Jaime Travezan "Proyecto Mirame, Lima"

    19th Jan 2014

    PERU: Photographer Jaime Travezan talks about his diverse photographic career and his long-term partnership with Art Director David Tortora.

  • "Bumbata" by Cosmin Bumbutz

    17th Jan 2014

    THE MAGAZINE: Romanian photographer Cosmin Bumbutz explores the humanity behind bars.

  • Spotlight Feature: Beauty

    16th Jan 2014

    THE MAGAZINE: Do photographs in our media saturated world suffer a "numbing effect"? We explore how a group of photographers look to combat this by taking an alternative approach - a beautiful one.

  • Danish Crown Slaughterhouse by Alastair Philip Wiper

    15th Jan 2014

    DENMARK - What's it like inside one of the world's largest slaughterhouses? Where and how is our food processed between farm and table? WPO Collection Member Alastair Philip Wiper set out to learn just that.

  • Photo Life series: Fotography for Phun

    14th Jan 2014

    So, can fotography still be phun? After 25 years in the business, photographer and Photo Life contributor Dale Wilson wonders whether it is still possible to simply shoot for pleasure.