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  • Rene Burri Tribute

    21st Oct 2014

    Legendary Magnum photographer René Burri has died aged 81. We pay tribute.

  • Ralph Gibson: The Anti-Classic

    20th Oct 2014

    ITALY - Brescia's Paci Contemporary presents a solo exhibition by Ralph Gibson, one of the most influential and highly regarded photographers alive today.

  • THE FENCE: Laurie Arends

    19th Oct 2014

    THE FENCE - Laurie Arends captures the elegance of birds rarely captured by nature photographers. Mid-flight, the movements and colours of the subjects captured appear fluid and dancing, as the title Dance suggests. Laurie's series was selected as part of 2014's THE FENCE.

  • WPO Academy Member Pedro Meyer to be honoured in the 2014 Lucie Awards

    18th Oct 2014

    NEW YORK - World Photography Academy member Pedro Meyer receives the Visionary Award at the 2014 Lucie Awards on 2nd November in New York City.

  • Chandra & Stewart: Dark Pacific Sun

    17th Oct 2014

    LONDON - Gimpel Fils gallery presents Chandra+Stewart: Dark Pacific Suna, a new collaborative show by Mohini Chandra and Christopher Stewart, on display from 16 October - 22 November 2014.

  • LensCulture Weekly: Antoine Bruy

    16th Oct 2014

    LENSCULTURE - Antoine Bruy's Scrublands examines communities across Europe who choose to live away from cities - abandoning their lifestyles based on performance, efficiency and consumption in search of utopia. His work is recognised as one of LensCulture's Emerging Talents of 2014.

  • LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards

    16th Oct 2014

    BARCELONA - In collaboration with Galería Valid Foto, Barcelona, World Photography Organisation partner LensCulture presents their exhibition of the rising photographic talent of today in Emerging Talents: 50 Contemporary Photographers, on display until 31st October 2014.

  • FotoEvidence Book Award Exhibit, NY

    16th Oct 2014

    NEW YORK - FotoEvidence presents its 2014 photo book award at the Bronx Documentary Center, New York, from 16th - 26th October, 2014. A book launch for Majid Saeedi’s “Life in War”, overall winner of the award, will be held on October 16th, from 6-8pm.

  • STILL LIFE - Vanitas in Photography

    15th Oct 2014

    AMSTERDAM - Kahmann Gallery (previously HUP), have been specialising in showing and selling unique photography since 2005. They are now taking on one of the most robust genres in photographic history: still life.

  • Group show at ADN Galeria

    14th Oct 2014

    BARCELONA - The collective DEMOCRACIA presents We protect you from yourselves, a group exhibition showing until November 11th, 2014 at ADN Galeria, Barcelona.