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  • THE FENCE: Claire Rosen's "Nostalgia"

    7th Oct 2014

    THE FENCE - We caught up with Claire Rosen to see her latest series, Nostalgia, part of 2014's THE FENCE.

  • Anita Corbin - 'First Women' project & Close-Up: Women in Photo

    6th Oct 2014

    METRO - ‘First Women’ is Anita Corbin’s on-going personal legacy project, the inspiration and passion born back in the early days of her career when she shot ‘Visible Girls’, a study of Girls in Subcultures and her experiences gained during her journalistic career, covering stories of human interest involving women.'

  • Martin Parr 'Life's a beach' Exhibition

    6th Oct 2014

    RUSSIA - Within the framework of Russia-UK Year of Culture 2014 the State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO presents an exhibition 'Life's a beach' by Martin Parr, one of the most well-known British photographers, an author of a unique documentary photo style.

  • THE FENCE: Bryan Derballa

    5th Oct 2014

    THE FENCE - The period between youth and adulthood can be a challenging one - simultaneously 'settling down' whilst remaining adventurous and carefree at heart. It's the time after university and before home ownership. Those fleeting moments of unadulterated freedom and liberation are unmistakable emotionally, but photographically may be difficult to approach. But Bryan Derballa captures this transition with ease.

  • Camera Club of New York - 9th Annual Silent Photo Benefit Auction

    1st Oct 2014

    NEW YORK - The Camera Club of New York (CCNY) will hold its 9th Annual Silent Photo Benefit Auction on Thursday, October 2, 6–8pm at Affirmation Arts, 523 West 37th Street, New York, NY 10018.

  • THE FENCE: Lauren Welles

    30th Sep 2014

    THE FENCE - Former attorney turned photographer Lauren Welles considers New York City her playground. A self-taught artist, her perceptive approach to the world around her and love of people watching combine to create striking and engrossing imagery. Most recently, her project Coney Island was selected as part of 2014’s THE FENCE.

  • THE FENCE: Gaston Lacombe

    28th Sep 2014

    THE FENCE - With a main focus of documenting the environmental and cultural challenges facing our planet, Gaston is interested in inspiring passion for our world. Through photography, the Canadian conservation photographer has highlighted environmental issues globally, across five continents. His work, Penguinscapes, has been selected in 2014’s THE FENCE.

  • Collection Photographer Interview: Ben Pipe

    26th Sep 2014

    Photographer and Collection member Ben Pipe chats with WPO about his first visit to South America, and how the work by Steve McCurry inspires him to go out and explore the world.

  • 'Constructing Worlds
 Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age' at Barbican Art Gallery

    24th Sep 2014

    UK - Opening tomorrow at Barbican Art Gallery the 'Constructing Worlds
 Photography and Architecture in the Modern Age' exhibition brings together over 250 works – some rarely seen and many shown in the UK for the first time – by 18 leading photographers from the 1930s to now, who have changed the way we view architecture and think about the world in which we live.

  • THE FENCE: Julia Fullerton-Batten

    23rd Sep 2014

    THE FENCE - In the first of our bi-weekly interviews with photographers of this year's FENCE, we spoke with Julia Fullerton-Batten about her background, the challenges and benefits to spanning both fine art and commercial, her unusual methods for finding models and much more.