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  • THE FENCE: Tom Chambers

    11th Nov 2014

    THE FENCE - Fascinated by the mystique of the animal world, American photographer Tom Chambers creates stunning images with a fairy-tale aesthetic. Recently his series ‘Animal Vision’ was selected as part of 2014’s THE FENCE.

  • THE FENCE: Sarah Rhodes

    9th Nov 2014

    THE FENCE - Sarah Rhodes explores youth and adolensence in a stunning series of images from Tasmania, Australia, selected as part of 2014's THE FENCE

  • LensCulture Weekly: Sian Davey

    6th Nov 2014

    LENSCULTURE - A photographer and psychotherapist, Sian Davey’s work is strongly influenced by both practices. In her series “Looking for Alice,” Sian reveals the troubles she had working through her own discrimination, anxieties and fears.

  • THE FENCE: Siegfried Hansen

    4th Nov 2014

    THE FENCE - Inspired by the great play master of photography Andre Kertesz, Hansen challenges our perception of what we think we see, and asks us to look again. His series of street images were recently selected as part of 2014's THE FENCE.

  • WYNG Masters Award Call For Entries

    3rd Nov 2014

    HONG KONG - Entries are now open for the WYNG Masters Award Commission 2014/2015 grant.

  • THE FENCE: Manuel Cosentino

    2nd Nov 2014

    THE FENCE - Manuel Cosentino spent two years working on ‘Behind a little house’. Critically acclaimed and loved by both the public and the international art community, the images from the series are represented in public and private collection around the world. Most recently the series was selected for 2014's THE FENCE.

  • Souvid Datta: Documenting China's "Cancer Villages"

    1st Nov 2014

    THE MAGAZINE - Looking at the work of London-based storyteller Souvid Datta, one would never guess he is a mere 24 years old. Focusing on underreported stories for social good, Souvid uses photography and multimedia to break down stereotypes often developed within mainstream media outlets.

  • LPA/Student Challenges is back!

    31st Oct 2014

    The first of the LPA Student Challenges competition 2014/2015 is now open for entries.

  • Scattered Waters, Sources Streams Rivers

    30th Oct 2014

    Ingleby Gallery presents an exhibition of one of the most distinguished and celebrated landscape photographers alive, Thomas Joshua Cooper. Scattered Waters, Sources Streams Rivers is now showing until November 29th, 2014.

  • LensCulture Weekly: Nancy Borowick

    30th Oct 2014

    LENSCULTURE - Nancy Borowick brings us into her life through her series “Cancer Family” that won her recognition in LensCulture Emerging Talents 2014.