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  • THE FENCE: Sam Edmonds

    6th Jan 2015

    THE FENCE - "To me, this project was about a group of hugely underprivileged kids in the third world showing people in the first world how animals really should be treated." - Sam Edmonds

  • THE FENCE: Remi Thornton

    4th Jan 2015

    THE FENCE - "The brightness of the day offers a lot that you can’t accomplish at night, and vice versa. So I continue to practice in the dark and share my progress along the way." - Remi Thornton

  • LensCulture Weekly: Michael Zumstein

    1st Jan 2015

    LENSCULTURE - Following December's announcement of the 2014 LensCulture Visual Storytelling Award winning photographers, we continue to bring you features on the year's remarkable photographic projects. This week, we turn our focus to the work of Paris-based photographer Michaël Zumstein.

  • THE FENCE: Miho Aikawa

    30th Dec 2014

    THE FENCE - "I focus on shooting each casual ‘moment’ that pass by our daily lives and my photography is about telling a precious story that lies in each moment." - Miho Aikawa. THE FENCE is a collaboration between United Photo Industries, Photo District News (PDN), Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the Flash Forward Festival.

  • THE FENCE: Mark Peterson

    28th Dec 2014

    THE FENCE - “Maybe the project will end when I meet a politician that I would feel good about voting for.” - Mark Peterson

  • WPO on Instagram - Bryan Schutmaat

    26th Dec 2014

    INSTAGRAM - Our Instagram initiative features the works of various talented photographers that use the ever-popular photo sharing platform. We interview last week's photographer, Bryan Schutmaat.

  • LensCulture Weekly: Glenna Gordon

    25th Dec 2014

    LENSCULTURE - In Nigerian School Girls, Glenna's images explore humanity with the absence of human presence. Headlines across the world in early 2014 begged for the release of nearly 300 girls who were kidnapped by Boko Haram. Despite the flurry of conversation, the kidnapped girls themselves were sorely missing in the media landscape. Glenna decided to change this. She shares her reflections on the series' development.

  • THE FENCE: Mark Morelli

    23rd Dec 2014

    THE FENCE - "As far as approaching people, that's never easy, but I keep telling my students they have to work through their fears. I'm trying to listen to my own advice." - Mark Morelli

  • Art, nature, science: How well are they co-existing in the 21st century?

    22nd Dec 2014

    LINKEDIN DISCUSSION - Art, nature, science: How well are they co-existing in the 21st century?

  • THE FENCE: Suzanne Revy

    21st Dec 2014

    THE FENCE - "I’m inspired by the rhythm and changing light of the year, and how it illuminates my small corner of the world." - Suzanne Révy