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The Frontline Club is known for hosting compelling and lively talks on a vast array of topics within the journalism industry.  

Through our new partnership with this non-profit organisation, we are thrilled to provide our members with monthly selections of the best talks Frontline has hosted over the past years.

In this first selection, WPO Academy member Aidan Sullivan (VP Photo Assignment, Getty Images), speaks with other industry colleagues about credit issues photographers struggle with. Even tough this talk took place in 2011, the topic is as relevant today as it was then.  

The discussion was moderated by Editor in Charge, Wider Image Desk at Thomson Reuters, Alexia Singh and other participants included: Freelance photojournalist David Hoffman, Photographer, professional printer and Creative Director at Metro Imaging Steve Macleod, Getty Images’ Vice President of Assignment Aidan Sullivan, Juliette Atkinson Sales Manager, Demotix.
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