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#FutureofCities Issue 

April 2015: Read the Issue

Image © Suzanne Lee / Panos Pictures for Sony’s Global Imaging Ambassadors

This issue of The Magazine is dedicated to #FutureofCities, our guest exhibition at the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards.

The issue features over 140 pages of photography looking at the future of our global cities, along with introductions by esteemed Guardian Cities writer Owen Hatherley.


The Magazine_The Shortlist

Image (Crop) © Brent Stirton / Getty Images

March 2015: Read the Issue

 This issue of The Magazine takes a deeper look into the wild and wonderful 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist.

The Magazine_Elliott Erwitt

Image (Crop) © Elliott Erwitt / Magnum Photos

February 2015: Read the Issue

This issue focusses on the life and work of Elliott Erwitt; the 2015 recipient of WPO's annual 'Outstanding Contribution to Photography' accolade. In honour of the occasion, our 20th takes a look at the man behind the pictures.


The Magazine_Multimedia

Image (Crop) © Michal Solarski

January 2015: Read the Issue 

In this issue of The Magazine, we delve into the world of multimedia photography projects.



Archive: Photo Books 2014

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A conversation with Sue Steward ultimately inspired this issue.  A regular contributor to our editorials across WPO and also a widely respected photo critic and curator, Sue Steward ultimately inspired this issue. With her pulse on all things photography and an uncanny eye for the underreported, yet highly newsworthy happenings in the industry, she helped us drive this issue to focus on the best photo books of 2014 - published and upcoming.  See her selections for the year's best...



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Featuring the works of Sarah Rhodes, Nancy Borowick, Adam Patterson, Mark Henley, Nyani Quarmyne, Andrew Testa, Patrick Brown, Chris de Bode, Robin Hammond and Piotr Maleki. The eighteenth issue of The Magazine asked photographers one question: What has been the most impactful moment of your photographic career? 


Archive: Social Documentary

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Featuring the works of Pete Muller, Irina Popova, Mariette Pathy Allen, Elena Chernyshova, and Souvid Datta, this issue of The Magazine explores the work of social documentary photographers. Social documentary photographers who produce such stories often face an up-hill battle: barriers to access, long-term time commitments, lack of funding, and the knowledge that their imagery can easily spark controversy or global debate. But it is their dedication to a project that fuels their stories' development, their subjects' trust, and their ultimate body of work. We explore these issues and more in our 17th issue.


Archive: The Fashion Issue

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September is Fashion Month, so we thought our publication would follow suit. Taking a look at the works of 2014's rising fashion photographers, learn how to break into the industry and much more.


Archive: A Deeper Perspective

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Featuring Maja Daniels, Russell Frederick and Jason Reblando, our August issue paid particular attention to a special kind of photographer, who not only connects the public to their photographs, but also connects intimately with their subjects.  

This issue also included a special look at the work of Chris Burkard, the Peter Fetterman Gallery, and as always, the latest news and events within the photography industry.


Archive: Portraits

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Featuring Alicia Savage, Kris Vervaeke, Clare Bennett, Lindsay Morris, the UNITED Inspirational Photographers & more...

The World Photography Organisation presents a look at unconventional portraits through surrealism, self-reflection, portals into the past and more. Join us in the July issue of The Magazine for interviews and features with photographers from across the U.S., Ireland, Czech Republic and more....


Issue XIII

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Featuring Zackary Canepari, Brian Smith, David Clark, the UNITED Inspirational Photographers & more...

The World Photography Organisation brings you a taste of the FIFA World Cup through two exciting new initiatives. Issue XIII also presents a roundup of international photographic events this June, the latest from Photo Shanghai, and much more.

Archive: Winners Edition

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The World Photography Organisation reveals the winners of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards in this special issue of The Magazine.


Archive: An Outstanding Contribution to Photography

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Featuring Mary Ellen Mark, William Klein, Zackary Canepari, George Georgiou, Sony's Global Imaging Ambassadors and more...The World Photography Organisation is delighted to announce Mary Ellen Mark as the recipient to the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Outstanding Contribution to Photography Award.


Archive: Forgotten Photographer

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What makes a photographer memorable - and why do some of history's most remarkable photographers fall off the radar through the passing of time? Whether due to political, social or economic reasons, many would-be photographic ‘greats’ falter in visibility. 

This month's issue of The Magazine explores a selection of "Forgotten Photographers" whose work deserves to be resurfaced on an international stage. Alongside this month's Spotlight Feature, we bring you the latest in international photography events this March, the shortlists for this year's Kraszna-Krausz Book Awards, and much more.


Archive: Shortlist

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The February issue of The Magazine reveals the shortlist of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, alongside the latest news and features from across the photographic industry.

Archive: Beauty

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The January issue of The Magazine widens our scope,  exploring the concept of "Beauty" and beyond.

In this issue, we’ve compiled projects that address difficult and taboo subjects with an alternative approach - a beautiful one. Whether covering AIDs, autism, war or prisons, the selected photographers in our January issue look at the world in a way we find unique, refreshing, and compelling. 

In addition to this month's theme of "Beauty", we bring you features from across WPO, the latest in our recurring series and more.

Archive: Impossible Image

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The December issue of The Magazine explores photographers' "impossibility factor".

In this issue, we’ve compiled projects that tackled seemingly impossible feats, spanning repressive governments, the world’s coldest and most remote climates, images that have been in the process for more than a decade, and projects that will live on well beyond their founder’s death.


Archive: Photo Book Publishing

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The sixth issue of The Magazine examines photo books within the changing nature of the publishing industry today.In this issue, we present in-depth editorial on the future of photo books, whether they remain the "ultimate calling card" for photographers, and what the future of online publishing has in store for the medium. Sue Steward's photo books of 2013 shines through to highlight some of the very best of photography today.


Archive: Women in Photography

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The fifth issue of the World Photography Organisation's monthly digital publication, The Magazine, highlights some of the most influential women in photography. WPO explores women's history in the field, the factors that have contributed to women's present position in the industry, and brings you leading international contemporary photography by outstanding female artists.


Archive: The Student Issue

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The fourth issue of The Magazine delves into photography education. Read, print and share with your peers the September issue, which brings you in depth editorial on the future of photography education and conversations with leading experts on top advice for emerging photographers.


Archive: Photojournalism 2

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Part 1         Part 2

The third issue of The Magazine explores the world of photojournalism.  Featuring articles on such topics as The Dangers of Photojournalism and Can a Photograph Ever Really Tell the Truth?, industry experts and veteran photojournalists such as Tom Stoddart, Fabio Bucciarelli, Jon Jones of the Sunday Times Magazine, Anastasia Taylor-Lind, Abbie Trayler-Smith, Eddie Mulholland and Aidan Sullivan of Getty Images, contributed to this 56 page magazine - our biggest issue yet.  

 Archive: Collecting

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The second issue of The Magazine delves into the world of collecting, bringing you a look at the world's most renowned photographers, collectors and art fairs. The issue features articles including Is Photography Art? and Looking at the Photography Art Market, and showcases some of the world's top photography collections. The issue offers insight to photography lovers, from those just starting a collection to others with a keen interest in the field. 


Archive: Awards

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The inaugural issue of The Magazine explores the world of photography awards. Featuring past Sony World Photography Award winners and finalists including Andrea Gjestvang, Fausto Podavini and Adam Pretty, the issue brings together veterans and newcomers within the industry, discussing The Culture of Awards, The Importance of Editing for Awards, a round up of photography awards to enter, and much more.