Open Competition 2012 Category Winners & Overall Winner

The Open Competition is for anyone with an interest in photography and photographers are judged on a single image.

The Overall Winner is 'Dancing Queen' by Tobias Brauning, Germany

The category winners are: 

  • Architecture: Filippo Di Rosa (Italy), San Francisco
  • Arts & Culture: Sanket Khuntale (India), indifest
  • Enhanced: Victor Vargas Villafuerte (Mexico), Thanh
  • Low Light: Natalia Belentsova (Russian Federation), Symphony of Fire
  • Nature & Wildlife: Giovanni Frescura (Italy), upupa
  • Panoramic: Denise Worden (United States), Carolina Morning
  • People: Ana Gregorič (Slovenia), in between
  • Smile: Piotr Stasiuk (Poland), Marriage 
  • Split Second: Tobias Bräuning (Germany), Dancing Queen
  • Travel: Krzysztof Browko (Poland), Spring Time


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