City Project: New York with Steve Pyke

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City Project: New York with Steve Pyke
Advanced Photographer Level
Workshop fee: Approximately $300 (charged in pounds sterling)


“In photography there are no unexplained shadows!”  August Sander

August Sander was a German portrait and documentary photographer who produced the seminal cultural work, People of the 20th Century. The photographs date from 1892 to 1954. He is considered the most important German portrait photographer of the twentieth century.

His intention was to create a typological “total picture” of society. Sander documented all levels of German society, particularly at a point between the first and second world wars, a time of immense social upheaval.

These are not snapshots but suspensions of time. They give us a chance to view the social position of Sanders sitters. It’s debatable that this idea of a socially fixed identity still holds today.

The intention of the project is to see how this also exists, here in New York City. I am interested in looking at how you individually and as a group, reinterpret this body of work in 2011, in New York City. Do reacquaint yourselves with the work of Sander before deciding upon an area or group of people to work with here in New York City.

Steve Pyke
New York City, September 2011

City Projects - Steve Pyke City Projects - Steve Pyke

Dutch Dance Troupe, Amsterdam 1990 and Sea Cadet, Hastings 1990 © Steve Pyke

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Steve PykeAbout Steve Pyke:

Steve Pyke moved to London in 1977. He became a singer in a number of bands and was involved with establishing a record label and fanzines. In 1979 he became a photographer and 1981 to 1984 worked continuously for a diverse mixture of publications including The Face and NME

His best known personal projects are those on the world’s leading thinkers, Philosophers. He recently completed his series of portraits of the Apollo Astronauts. The movie “Moonbug” can be seen at film festivals later in the year. For the past two decades, he has worked consistently on his series collecting the Faces of our Times. His series of portraits of his children, Jack and Duncan, portrays the changes the human face goes through. In September 2011 in NYC he will exhibit Los Muertos a series originally photographed in Mexico in 2006. He has published nine  books. Pyke’s photographs have been exhibited globallu and his work is held in international permanent collections.

In 2004 Pyke received the MBE in the Queen’s New Years Honours list for his services to the Arts. Steve Pyke lives in New York City. He has been staff photographer at The New Yorker since 2004 and a contributor since 1998. 

Visit Steve’s website and Blog:


About the City Project workshop:

The City Projects take place over three days. 

Day 1: Introductory Seminar and Workshop.   In a 3 - 4 hour masterclass, the ‘Creator’ delivers a brief for the participants to explore.

Day 2: Independent Shooting.  The participants will go solo to execute their assignments on the streets.

Day 3: Editing and Critique.  Each participant will have a two-on-one, 90 minute editing session with a professional editor, to consider a selection of the results from Day 2.

For more details on the workshop format, visit the City Projects page here.

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