Supplier Directory

Advertise your business and join the WPO Community by creating a Company Profile on our WPO Supplier Directory.

With on average 2,000,000 site visits each month and over 200,000 registered WPO Members, this is a great opportunity to promote your products and services to our rapidly growing audience of photographers! Our WPO Members include photographers of all levels, from enthusiastic amateurs to established professionals, located all around the world!

Listing your Company Profile will give you a place on the WPO Supplier Directory for 1 year. You can renew your subscription each year, and returning customers will benefit from a discount.

Choose categories for your company from our supplier category list to indicate your speciality i.e. lighting, New or Used Cameras, Technical & Repairs etc.

We notify our followers of updates to the WPO Supplier Directory through our social channels including, Twitter (more than 33,000 followers) and Facebook (more than 230,000 followers).

The best part is that anyone can search the WPO Supplier Directory for their photographic needs, as you don’t have to be a WPO Member to access it!

** Total Cost £100 + VAT