Blog Posts

  • Sailing the World - Jody MacDonald, PhotoShelter


    Jody MacDonald is an award winning documentary and adventure sport photographer. For the last 8 years she has been the resident photographer on board a 60ft catamaran, which she co-created, on an expedition to sail to the wildest corners of the world. She is a member of PhotoShelter, the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers.

  • Part Alchemy, Part Magic - theprintspace Interviews Travis Hodges


    "I’m hugely excited by the potential for technology to change the way we live, view the world and interact with those around us." theprintspace interviews photographer Travis Hodges.

  • Burma - Images of Change


    “This series of photographs documents the life of the Burmese population as well as the hopes and suffering of a period of oppression that has now come to an end.” - Clarisse d’Arcimoles. Featured by British Journal of Photography.

  • Listen, Learn and Realise - Timothy Bouldry, THE FENCE


    Having travelled the world, it was a landfill site in Nicaragua, which sparked American photographer Timothy Bouldry's interest. It has been the focus of an on-going series ever since, currently on show at THE FENCE.

  • The Beauty of it All - Valerie Berta, Visura


    "The closest I can come to a philosophy, other than to be ruthlessly true to oneself, is that photography... is entirely intuitive and uncontrolled, and that it allows me to speak the world I feel." - We speak to Visura member Valerie Berta.

  • Developing an Aesthetic - Nicolle Clemetson, PhotoShelter


    "For me the most satisfying feeling is having (ideally, full) creative control, starting from scratch, and making something new in studio." Nicolle Clemetson is a member of PhotoShelter, the leader in portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers.

  • All Sorts of Creativity - theprintspace Interviews Nicholas Goodden


    As part of a series of interviews exploring the different professions in the photographic industry, this week theprintspace speaks to photographer Nicholas Goodden, founder of the Street Photography London collective, and named last year as one the top 100 most socially influential photographers.

  • The Custodians of Oxford’s Finest Buildings


    "I love really working something, picking an idea and revisiting it and revisiting it, seeing where it takes you.” Joanna Vestey's 'Custodians' takes a look inside some of Oxford's finest buildings. Featured by British Journal of Photography.

  • Bay Views - Mark Lyon, THE FENCE


    "The relationship of architecture and framed landscape was at the heart of what I was after. It wasn’t one of action, but of slowly looking and perhaps introspection." - Mark Lyon, one of the winners of THE FENCE.

  • One Foot in Front of the Other - Phil Jung, Visura


    Visura member Phil Jung grew up in the Lower Hudson Valley of New York. He is currently living and working in both Honolulu and Boston. His series 'O’ahu' documents the relationship between the people who inhabit the island and the landscape that connects them.