Blog Posts

  • The Blink Interview: Krisanne Johnson


    As the US elections gather pace, Blink interview long-term documentary photographer and former White House photographer Krisanne Johnson. She speaks about her projects in Swaziland and South Africa.

  • Les Bronzeurs - Alexandre Pruvost, 2016 #SWPA


    "It's possible to tell the truth or invent your own world. I think I've always wanted to do both." - Alexandre Pruvost is shortlisted in the Professional Candid category of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.

  • The Most Powerful Medium - RongRong & inri


    Read our exclusive interview with RongRong & inri, the influential photographic husband and wife team who have shaped contemporary photography in China and around the world. They are this year’s recipients of the Outstanding Contribution to Photography award.

  • Colour and Perspective - Ben Thomas, theprintspace Interview


    Australian visual artist Ben Thomas opens Chroma, his first UK exhibition, this week at theprintspace. Ameena Rojee speaks to him for their weekly guest post to find out more about his hypnotic and unusual style, and what it is about the urban landscape that draws him in.

  • Laura El-Tantawy - theprintspace Interview


    For their guest post this week, theprintspace’s Ameena Rojee speaks to photographer Laura El-Tantawy about her work and her practice, what it’s like being a successful female photographer in the industry and how she prepares for a project.

  • Turning of the Buddha - Christopher Roche, 2016 National Awards


    Chris Roche is the Ireland National Award winner in the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards. His image ‘Monlam, Taktsang Lhamo’ will now be shown as part of the official 2016 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.

  • The Blink Interview: Joannie Lafreniere


    Photographer and director Joannie Lafreniere blends fiction and documentary techniques with a rare freedom. Blink’s Laurence Cornet talks to her about her work and her way to navigate various audiovisual contexts.

  • The Curse of Coal - Espen Rasmussen, 2016 #SWPA


    Espen Rasmussen is based in Nesodden, close to Oslo, Norway. He works as a senior picture editor in VG Helg — the weekend magazine of the biggest daily Norwegian newspaper VG. His series ‘The Curse of Coal’ is shortlisted in the Professional Daily Life category of the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards.

  • Photo Forum - theprintspace Interview


    This week, theprintspace revisits a previous interviewee and speaks to Travis Hodges, organiser of Photo-Forum which curates free talks by photographers, for photographers.

  • Top tips for students from the professionals - With theprintspace


    Part two of theprintspace's advice for students. This week hear from a selection of previously interviewed industry experts to share their own essential advice for students.