Our Mission:

To offer a global platform on which photographers can promote their work to a wider audience and to help photographers grow in their career. We want to stimulate conversation around photography across the industry and beyond and raise awareness of photography as one of the world's fast-growing art forms.

Founded in 2007, the World Photography Organisation is a global platform on which photographers of all abilities can promote their work and receive wider exposure and recognition.  

We value photography and we value photographers which is why we provide a worldwide network across the photographic industry linking photographers, curators, galleries, editors, photo agencies and more.

Photography is an art and the photographer is an artist.  Our aim is to not only raise the level of conversation around the subject of photography, but to also increase awareness and appreciation of photography as a form of art.

Year-round we host a wide range of industry and public events including:

In addition, the World Photography Organisation continually headhunts new talents and emerging photographers to work with and uses its thriving online presence to promote photographer’s work via the website, the blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you are a professional photographer or are simply armed with your phone to capture everyday moments, the World Photography Organisation has something for you.